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Commercial Style Squid Jigs

6 Angles Prism Luminous
Squid Jig
Soft Luminous Squid Jig
Small Luminous
Squid Jig
Small Coastal Squid Jig

Giant Squid Jigs

Jumbo Humboldt 8"
Luminous Squid Jig
Lighted Humboldt Squid Jigs
Giant Weighted Squid Jigs

Puget Sound Squid Teaser
Squid Jigs

Puget Sound Squid Teaser
Tiny Teasers
Puget Sound Squid Teaser
Bullet Head
Puget Sound Squid Teaser
Bottom Bouncer
Puget Sound Squid Teaser
Squid Bomb
Puget Sound Squid Teaser
Squid Dart
Puget Sound Squid Teaser
Non Weighted Stealth
Puget Sound Squid Teaser
Spiral Top Jigs

Leisure Style

Squid Jigs

Big Eye Slayer
Wide Eye Slayer
Clear Body Prawn
Mega Lens
Micro Prawn
LED Lighted Prawn
Pearl Prawn Squid Jigs
Lumo-Lens Prawn
Floater Squid Jigs
Squidfish Dart
Rainbow Fish Luminous
Squid Jig
Tiger Fish Luminous
Squid Jig
Tiger Prawn Luminous
Squid Jig
Sunset Wave Squid Jig
Lazer Prawn Squid Jig
Super Squid Hunter Squid Jig
Prawn BS Squid Jigs
Prawn WT Squid Jigs
Lighted Squid Jigs
Baited Squid Jigs

Squid Fishing & Jig Making Supplies

Squid Hooks
Squid Fishing Lights
Glow In Dark Luminous
Heat Shrink Tubing
Luminous Glow Tubing
Stainless Wire Shafts
Mylar Tubing

Lead / Metal Jigs

Glow Metal Fish Jigs
Glow In The Dark
Laser Metal Fish Jigs
Laser Paint & Glow In The Dark
Painted Metal Fish Jigs

Fishing Gear

Underwater Fishing
Sabiki Bait Rigs
Cod Teaser Rigs
Lead /Metal Fish Jigs
Saltwater Surf Reel
2-Speed Big Game Reel

Trolling Tuna Rods

5' 7" 50-80lb Trolling
Heavy Duty All Roller Guides
5' 8" 80-130lb Trolling
Heavy Duty All Roller Guides

Stand-up Tuna Rods

6' 3" 20-50lb Stand-up
Live Bait, Aluminum Oxide Guides
7' 4" 20-80lb Stand-up Live Bait, Aluminum Oxide Guides
5' 7" 50-80lb Stand-up
Aluminum Oxide Rod Guides
Roller Stripper and Tip
5' 7" 50-80lb Stand-up
Heavy Duty Aluminum Oxide Guides

Surf Rods

CFS Monster Rods Carbon Surf Rod

13', 16', 19', 23'

Carp Rods

13' Carbon  Carp Rod
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Colman's Fishing Supply
29903 43rd Ave. S.
Auburn, WA  98001
United States

Phone 253-529-0294

FAX 253-529-4621

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Colman's Squid JigWarehouse

Big Game Reels 2-speed Aluminum Big Game Reels

Warranty:  1yr Parts & Labor + 3yrs Parts for defects.

Big Game 2-speed All Aluminum Fishing Reels from Colman's Fishing Supply.


2-Speed Big Game Reel

2-Speed Big Game Reel

2-Speed Big Game Reel

2-Speed Big Game Reel

Gearing3.6:1 / 1.7:14.1:1 / 1.8:14.1:1 / 1.8:13.1:1 / 1.2:1
Ball Bearings6 BB8 BB8 BB8 BB
Capacity15 Lbs / 660 Yds
0.4mm / 600m
20 Lbs / 920 Yds
0.47mm / 825m
30 Lbs / 935 Yds
0.57mm / 840m
50 Lbs / 850 Yds
0.74mm / 700m

Out Of Stock

Out Of Stock

Out Of Stock

Out Of Stock



2-speed aluminum big game reel

8 Ball Bearings Big Game Reel

Teflon Drag Big Game Reel

Big Game Reel Features

  • One touch two-speed shifting.

  • Shielded stainless steel ball bearings.

  • Precision drag pre-program dial.

  • Anodized aluminum frame and spool.

  • CNC one-piece frame, with forged spool.

  • Multi anti-reverse system.

  • Extra loud line out alarm clicker.

  • Stainless Steel Gears / Shaft.

  • Teflon lever drag system.

  • Maximum Drag at Strike



We have these 2-Speed Aluminum Big Game Reels custom made to match the colors of our Big Game Rods.  These are extremely nice reels, you will not be disappointed in their performance.   With a matching Colman's Rod & Reel setup, you're going to have people looking for sure!!

Hi Jon,
As you can see in the attached pictures....I've received the 2 50W reels you sent.  We broke them in today with a catch of yellow fins, bonita's and rainbow runners.  The new reels are great!!!!   (Northern Mariana Islands June 2007)

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