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Colman's Squid JigWarehouse

Soft Luminous Squid Jigs

Large - 4 1/2" or 11.5cm

Soft Large
Item # 1500-1-LRG

10 Pack

$ 17.00 USD

Out of Stock




Ask About Large Quantities


These are Soft Series of squid jigs.   All are Luminous!!!

We have small and large sizes.

On the soft squid jigs the white rubber piece above the hooks is luminous.  They all feature a hollow chamber, that you can slip in a small luminous stick, or squeeze in your favorite scent.  It is a soft body Squid Jig with vertical stripes.   Be sure to remember to expose these  squid jigs to a light source before fishing, makes them irresistible to the squid.

As this is a hollow squid jig, you will likely require a weight below the jig.

Look elsewhere, and you will find these jigs selling well over $4.00 each.

If you normally use the prawn or fish type jigs, you might want to give these a shot, as they work QUITE WELL!!!

Sometimes itís the small jigs that work on squid that arenít biting well.  

Itís a good idea to have a variety of different colors available, as squid will often hit on different colors at different times.

Try different colors to catch squid, such as the dark Green Coastal Squid Jigs, White Luminous Squid Jigs, Green Luminous Squid Jigs, or the five different colors available on the popular 6 Angles Prism Luminous Squid Jigs, & Five Stripes Luminous Squid Jigs.


 Jig has a soft hollow tube, that will fill with water to provide a balance feel in the water.

 PPopular colors for catching squid

 Needle Sharp Stainless Steel Squid Hooks.

Be sure to check out our other style of squid jigs, they are quite similar to other manufacturers that you are probably familiar with such as Yo-zuri squid jigs, Yamashita squid jigs, Martinetti squid jigs.  Our new models are Parannah Luminous Squid Jig, Puget Sound Squid Teaser Squid Jig, Rainbow Fish Luminous Squid Jig, Sunset Wave Luminous Squid Jig, Tiger Fish Luminous Squid Jig, and Tiger Prawn Luminous Squid Jig.   You will be impressed by the high quality.

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